the day it all started ..

20 Nov

The lower right part of my laptop shows 1:44 AM, 8th october 2011. Yeah, that’s when it all starts. As i flip alone in my bed, staring into blankness, trying desperately to form rings with the smoke of the cigarette, i think of even better things to do (if there are any, that is).

I fail miserably in my attempts to kill time. I find myself being the victim of a crime done by the time. It kills me instead.

One fine moment, somewhere in between those puffs, i  feel like an urge to write. To write about anything and everything. And what better than writing a blog. I say, WTF, let’s give it a try. I have a right to write and i am gonna write till my last rites. Am i not right?

Correct me if i am wrong but it feels like the beginning of an unending phenomena. It sure as hell feels like a panacea to me, as it comes in a colossal time of need and woe.

It has been eight hours since i have returned from Chittaranjan. The city receiving the award for being “the cleanest city in India” consecutively since five years. Believe me, it deserves it. What makes it more deserving are the girls and their silhouette. Beauty galores in Chittaranjan. Pun intended.

There were times when i regretted why was i born, and now there are times when i regret that even if i was supposed to born, why wasn’t i born in Bengal ? 😉

I feel like slapping myself and BAM ! I slap myself, finally killing the mosquito that was buzzing around ever since 😉

I realize that i have forgotten an even better thing to do. Apart from all this. Apart from what i have been doing. I realize that i have the ability to sleep. I can sleep while there is still time. And hence i go to sleep. A deep sound sleep. *yawns*


Hello world!

20 Nov

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